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Key Features

The Vogon can overlay a range of crosshairs, lines and boxes on to standard PAL or NTSC video for applications requiring precise, contact free alignment and inspection. Key features include;

  • Vogon can produce any combination of two horizontal and two vertical lines, making it ideal for overlaying boxes and crosshairs.
  • Full digital positioning. Crosshairs and overlays are free from drift with time or temperature.

Lots of VogonsVogon Menu Screen

  • Crosshair position can be set with up, down, left and right buttons or optionally with optical rotary encoders for rapid, pixel-perfect positioning.
  • Overlay colour can be selected from black, white and half bright video.

Vogon KeypadEven More Vogons

  • Menu driven architecture allows for quick and simple changes to be made to setup.
  • Keypad can be disabled to ensure settings are not changed.
  • All settings are stored in Non-volatile memory and are restored the next time the power is turned on.

Box OverlayTwin Crosshair Overlay

  • Two video outputs are provided to drive a monitor and a second monitor / recorder / video capture card.
  • All settings can also be changed via the RS232 port.
  • Suitable for use with PAL or NTSC video.
  • Vogon operates from a 12 Volt DC power supply. A high efficiency mains adaptor is provided with each unit

Options and Upgrades

The following options can be added to the Standard Vogon Package

  • 9 pin Joystick connector - Allows the use of an external joystick to set crosshair position
  • Rotary Optical Encoders - For rapid, accurate positioning of the crosshair
  • Fixed Mounting Brackets

Vogon with Optional Fixed Mounting BracketsVogon with Optional Rotary Encoders

Additionally, all Vogon units can be upgraded by the end-user with software updates provided by Net Video. Planned software packages include;

  • Circle Pack - This pack enables the Vogon unit to provide the user with circular and elliptical overlays as well as crosshairs and boxes.
  • Mouse Pack - This pack enables the user to operate the Vogon unit using a standard PS/2 mouse.
  • Measurement Pack - This pack allows the Vogon unit to be used as a contact free Video Measurement Device. Users can calibrate the measurement system and specify appropriate units. Once calibrated, Vogon can be used to calculate a number of useful measurements including positions, angles, distances and areas.


Vogon User Manual - Download PDF
Vogon Advertising Leaflet - Download PDF

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