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Potential Applications

The Vogon hardware and software can be tailored to a client's individual needs. Examples of custom solutions we have provided in the past include; 

  • GPS decoding and insertion of Time, Date and Position on live video.
  • Custom video measurement / event counting devices.
  • Custom video overlays.

Rack of Bare Vogon PCBsCustomised Vogon in SMT Feeder Test Jig

The Vogon supports the following Input/Output devices and Protocols:

  • Two serial ports (1 RS-232, 1 TTL/RS-232/422/485)
  • I2C bus expansion (an extra digital IO board is available with 8 open collector outputs and 24 GPIO's)
  • PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard
  • 2 Quadrature Encoder inputs
  • Additional Volt Free Contact interface to replicate keypad

Please contact us with your requirements, our engineers will be happy to discuss ways Vogon can be used to meet your needs.

Case Study - Alternative SMT FeederMaster

Alternative SMT are suppliers of pre-owned electronic assembly equipment. They also manufacture the  FeederMaster, a device for testing and calibrating component feeders for pick and place machines.

The early feeder test jig used a Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) to actuate the feeders under test and an LCD module as a user interface. The feeder test jig also had a camera, crosshair generator and a monitor for inspection of the working parts of the feeder when running.

At the beginning of 2005 we demonstrated Vogon to Alternative SMT and showed how we could integrate the user interface, inspection system and control functions into a single Vogon unit thus reducing the complexity of the system by making the PLC and LCD module redundant. As of 2009, we are still supplying Vogon boards to Alternative SMT, and working with them to continually develop and improve the FeederMaster system.

FeederMaster Development VersionFeederMaster Screenshot

The key features of the solution we provided are:

  • Integration of inspection system and user interface using Vogon's powerful Video Overlay capability.
  • Integration of control functions.
  • Choice of 5 overlays - 1 crosshair, 1 crosshair with a centred box, 1 crosshair with a centred circle, 1 crosshair with calibrated graticule and 2 crosshairs with offset measurement.
  • Contact free video measurement system.
  • All user interface text can be displayed in a number of languages.

For details of how the Vogon can be modified to meet your requirements, please contact us.

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